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Alaska Australian Shepherd Club

Meeting Minutes June 30, 2001

--Minutes by Melinda Piaskowski

Members Present: Melinda Piaskowski, Teri Barclay, LeNelle Bergt, Ron Bergt, Christine Lee, RaDeena Burgess, Cheryl Mallonee, Cindy Anderson, George Spigelmyer, Pat Randell, Pat Smith.

Meeting called to order at 6:15 pm.

Treasurer's Report - Treasurer's report: There is $44.00 in the checking account, $8,100 in the savings account and the club made $2,500 on the agility trials, $620.00 on the herding instinct test and $760.00 on the agility classes. Cheryl moved to accept the treasurers report and RaDeena seconded. Motion passed.

Aussie Rescue - No Dogs in rescue

Herding - The stockdog trials have been sanctioned, Due to limited availability of stock, we maybe limited to offering 15 SHEEP runs per TRIAL. Duck panels still need to be built.

There is a herding fun match scheduled for Sunday, July 29th starting at 12 noon at Cindy Anderson's place. Cost for the fun match will be $15.00 for sheep, $10.00 for ducks. Cheryl made a motion that entries be open to australian shepherd dogs first, then to aussie club members with other herding dogs, then open to everyone else. Chris seconded and the motion carried with none opposed.

**Registration from11 am-12 noon. Volunteers also needed to help with the fun match.

About the herding trial it was not clear that this motion was about the trial and NOT the fun match. "Cheryl made a motion that entries be open to australian shepherd dogs first, then to aussie club members with other herding dogs, then open to everyone else."

Agility -The beginning agility class will end July 11, the advanced will end July 18. George, Cheryl and Debra have been teaching all the beginners and they need help! Anyone who has taken agility lessons and has a good idea of what is going on needs to show up and help.

Beginning class is from 8pm to 9 pm on Wednesday nights, advanced will be from 7 to 8. If there is another beginning class it will be starting July 25 and ending September 26 and classes are held at the CBA ballfield next to the building where we have our meetings. So far Melinda, Pat R. and Cindy have offered to help but more volunteers are always needed.

Fling - Thursday Ken Silvera is judging conformation, Linda Barber will be judging obedience which will start at 6 pm. On Friday conformation will begin at 6 pm, and we are only having obedience on Friday if ASCA will approve Jeanne Lutz quickly to judge for us. If so, obedience judging will begin at 7 pm, if not, there will be no obedience on Friday.

Hospitality for the Fling will be provided by Christine Lee for Saturday and Sunday.

On Tuesday August 14 and Wednesday August 15 Jerry Rowe will be having 1/2 hour individual sessions at Birchwood Farms, tentatively starting at 3 pm, 10 dogs maximum, and the cost will be $35.00 each session. Interested clubmembers can sign up before the ad goes out, Pat Smith is takingsignups now.

Pat Smith offered to pick up the judges gifts, and ribbons will be sent in for the Fling and there will be peewee and Jr. handler ribbons.

New Business

RaDeena suggested our aussie club write to ASCA about the altered program and how difficult it is to get a major with the small number of altered dogs that are being entered. She has some postcards to go out to folks with altered dogs to let them know that they can show and compete in conformation with their altered dogs as long as they are ASCA registered. Any breeders interested in getting some postcards from RaDeena to send out to your puppy buyers with altered dogs please contact RaDeena.

Aussie club members offered to contact some web site managers about costs involved with maintaining an aussie club website.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm

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